Behind The Dream: $1M In Debt To Godfather of Modern Business -
Behind The Dream: $1M In Debt To Godfather of Modern Business

SCOTT OLDFORD | Investor, Mentor, Entrepreneur

$1M In Debt To Godfather of Modern Business

Love as a catalyst for growth, $1M in debt, and inspiring modern business

Episode 2: $1M In Debt To Godfather of Modern Business 

Today’s guest, Scott Oldford, is the mentor and investor in many of the top online experts and influencers who have built multi-million dollar businesses. He’s been featured on TIME, Entrepreneur, Inc, Business Insider, CBS, NBC and influences hundreds of thousands of Entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses past the multiple million dollar stage.

Not only is Scott a brilliant mentor and investor, he is also my husband and my very best friend on this planet. He is well versed in the entrepreneurial game since he was a child selling eggs on his family’s farm in Canada. Scott is dedicated to fulfilling his mission of solving the problems of the world through the work and service of entrepreneurs and dedicates himself wholeheartedly to his vision.

In this episode we go behind the curtain and behind the dream to debunk the belief that “the come up” is easy. Scott has faced being a million dollars in debt and has since succeeded in building multiple multi-million dollar businesses and is well on his way to the billionaires club. We dive in together in this episode on love and the catalyst that our relationship has been for the expansion of both of our businesses and our personal development. You are going to soak in so many nuggets of wisdom related to business, mindset and relationship inside of this episode and I am so excited for you to get a dose of the one, the only, Scott Oldford.

In This Episode:

  1. Today’s guest, Scott Oldford [ 3:20 ]
  2. Scott’s & entrepreneurial start [ 4:45 ]
  3. 21 years old & one million dollars in debt [ 17:00 ]
  4. Coping with weed, alcohol & video games [ 22:22 ]
  5. Pivoting & transitioning to align more with your intuitive mission [ 28:20 ]
  6. Mentoring 7 figure entrepreneurs out of hustle mode [ 37:17 ]
  7. Reaching your philanthropic goals [ 41:00 ]
  8. Scott meets Libby; Love as a catalyst for growth [ 42:50 ]
  9. The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything [ 58:00 ]
  10. Personal development & intuition for reflection & expansion [1:00:00]
  11. A quote for inspiration [1:07:50]
  12. Scott’s reflection to Libby [1:11:00]

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