2 Products To Check Out That I Use Every Day In My Routine For Clear Skin -
2 Products To Check Out That I Use Every Day In My Routine For Clear Skin

About 3 months before my wedding day I went on a search for the best skin care out there so I could be as sure as possible I wouldn’t wake up on ceremony morning with a giant pimple.

I had been testing a bunch of products for awhile and nothing was working.

So…I ended up finding a skin coach to work with and she had me throw away all the products I had just bought bc she said they basically sucked.

At least $2k down the drain on all the fancy shit I had bought..this was hard to swallow but I trusted her advice since what I was doing wasn’t working!

Goodbye fancy under eye serum, goodbye mist toner with rose, goodbye face oil that has gold flakes…all the things, bye bad bitches.

I started using everything she recommended for a few weeks (didn’t change anything else in my wellness routine) and shit you not…entered face GLOW mode.

I could barely believe that my face wasn’t breaking out and looked so flawless. I’ve always had at last 2-3 pimples at a time since teen years so this was a new situation.

I’ve gotten so many compliments on my skin since starting with the new products and want to share 2 products I use every single day as part of my routine:

Bioderma Sensitive Skin Cleanser 

At first I was confused by this cleanser because it’s not one of those suds moments in the shower, you simply pour it on a cotton pad then gently whip off the day (don’t forget your neck). Make sure to rinse your face with water (then pat dry) after you use this cleanser.

Bioderma Sensitive Skin Moisturizer  

I used to be afraid to use a lot of moisturizers because every other one I used would clog my pores and make me breakout more. I slather this on after my serums and H2O spray and my skin is more hydrated than ever.

These products would not have stuck out to me on a shelf or online so I was a little hesitant at first if they were going to bring the results, and let me tell you–they do.

I’ll share more of my skincare routine in another blog (exfoliating, masks, serums, etc) but for now go order these because they are the MVPs.

Get the Bioderma Sensitive Skin Cleanser and the Bioderma Sensitive Skin Moisturizer to upgrade your skincare routine.

One last thing…when you use the cleanser make sure you do the #welovetheplanet thing and get reusable cotton pads here.

Love you,


PS: Special shout out to Olena, my skin coach who helped me revamp my skincare routine!

PPS: btw..some of the products/links mentioned will use my personal Amazon link. 

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