Welcome To The LC Podcast: What Is Behind The Dream? -
Welcome To The LC Podcast: What Is Behind The Dream?


LIBBY CROW | Writer, Speaker, Founder

Behind The Dream: The Movement & Podcast

Get to know your host Libby as she explains why she started the podcast and gives you a look into her journey as an entrepreneur. 

Episode 1: What is Behind the Dream?

Welcome To Libby Land 🙂

Here are some quick deets to know about yours truly:

I’m a global mentor helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and their minds. Founder of LC International, a marketing strategy company for digital consultants, and Co-Founder (with my husband Scott Oldford, you’ll hear from him in the next episode) of The Daily Shift, a personal development company for aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs alike.

In this episode, you will get to know a bit more about me and what you can expect to journey through on this podcast with myself and my epic guests!  

In This Episode:

  1. Meet your host, Libby Crow [ 0:35 ]
  2. What does “Behind The Dream” mean [ 1:20 ]
  3. Who this is for & what to expect from Behind The Dream [ 2:50 ]
  4. Libby’s entrepreneurial journey [ 3:35 ]
  5. Why launch the podcast now? [ 6:50 ]
  6. Fun facts about Libby [ 8:05 ]
  7. Lessons from grief & the loss of Libby’s father [ 9:05 ]
  8. Libby’s 2019 intentions & goals [ 14:00 ]
  9. Gratitude [ 17:00 ]

Links & Resources:

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Connect with Libby on Instagram here: Libby’s Instagram

Listen to more Behind The Dream episodes here:

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