There are so many facets that make up us humans. Our interests, our fur babies, our relationships, our beliefs about existence, our taste in music, our unique abilities, our specific coffee shop orders, our dreams, our weird hidden talents, how we define success... 

When I get to know someone new I generally want to get straight to the core--no light convo, ya know? 

So, for this public-facing “meeting” I imagine you’ll want to know about what I’ve done along with who I am.

Below are are some Notes On Doing + Being in Libby Land yet I want you to remember:

What you do is never who you are and who you are is never what you do...

people call me the human sparkler but you can call me libs :)

The Doing

Before I knew anything about building a personal brand I was a teacher (an epic 1st and 2nd grade elementary teacher to be specific). At that time it blew my mind that I could be my own boss, I could create my own life, I could package my wisdom and sell it online. In true "achiever" fashion I dove in 100% (quit teaching and took the leap into entrepreneurship). Over those first 5 years I built and grew successful wellness and life coaching companies then later transitioned to mentor other coaches/consultants to grow their own businesses via my marketing strategy program, The Business Accelerator, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the world. It wasn't all sparkles though, you can read about my journey from depression to millionaire on the Entrepreneur right here.

I’ve helped tens of thousands of people all over the world through my coaching programs, retreats + workshops, digital courses, and 1:1 consulting. I’ve impacted hundreds of thousands through speaking on stages and sharing my thoughts + content on social platforms. I’ve been a bridge to those in need all over the planet through partnering with philanthropic + social change enterprises that make the world a better place. My work has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and more.

the Being

How we be or the way we show up in our “doing”  is a result of what we believe and think about "being".

impact + evolution + alignment

I believe in kindness, integrity, in the willingness to grow, evolve, and stay open. I believe people are doing the best they can (even if it’s not the best they have ever done). I believe in being a good person, even when someone isn’t looking. This stuff in action sometimes looks like: me holding the door extra long for the person behind me at a shop, me making friends with the grocery store checkout employees, leaving a hotel room more tidy than I found it, or me smiling at everyone I pass on the street secretly sending them love (ninja street sparkles). 

I also believe we are all creative. Part of the reason I started a blog and podcast after focusing on my consulting company for 6 years is to tap into my art and my uniqueness. I’ve been having a blast sharing the playful, spiritual, old soul parts of me that didn’t get to shine when I was in achiever mode. I love seeing when it inspires you to share more of you, too.

What lights me up most? Spending time with my dreamy husband, Scott. Snuggling with my long-haired dachshund Coop Dawg (my bestie for the last 12 years), and traveling the world with my adventurous Mama Crow. And of course, creating things that make your life even more epic.

Those are a few notes on Doing + Being for now...

I’m so happy you’re here, I’m excited to serve you through this site, and I’m wrapping you in a giant virtual hug. :)

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