Boss Babe: Fertility, Feminine Energy & Fierce Business Growth -
Boss Babe: Fertility, Feminine Energy & Fierce Business Growth

NATALIE ELLIS | Boss Babe & Serial Entrepreneur

Fertility, Feminine Energy & Fierce Business Growth

From small town to global sensation–what it took to build the Boss Babe Empire.

Episode 4: Fertility, Feminine Energy & Fierce Business Growth

Today’s guest is Natalie Ellis from BossBabe Inc. Natalie is a strategic serial entrepreneur who not only knows what she wants, but is tenacious in making it a reality. In fact, after buying out her previous partner, her fierce leadership drove Monthly Recurring Revenue up by $80K within a single month. Natalie’s passion lies in helping other women get out of places where they feel stuck and showing them how to empower themselves to build freedom through entrepreneurship. Beyond her company, BossBabe, she has a penchant for advising young entrepreneurs and has worked with academic institutions and government and has won over 11 national awards for her work in the space. Fascinated with psychology and personal growth, she’s driven to master self development to reach peak performance… between this inward-out approach to success and her vision, insight and ability to bring ideas to fruition – the opportunity to learn from Natalie is truly invaluable.

Natalie is an absolute joy to learn from and  listen to and I know that you are going to love every second of this conversation.

In this episode we go behind the curtain and behind the dream to discuss everything from romantic relationships, business partnerships, feminine health, feminine energy and finding flow inside of your business to maximize your momentum and your growth. Grab your notebook for this one and get ready to take notes and soak in Natalie’s tips on success and personal development.

In This Episode:

  1. Today’s guest, Natalie Ellis [ 3:28 ]
  2. Natalie’s love story & how she met her husband, Stephen [ 3:58 ]
  3. Finding harmony on the entrepreneurial journey alongside your partner [ 8:37  ]
  4. The challenge in building a long-term team for your business [ 14:08 ]
  5. Staying in your zone of genius [ 19:40 ]
  6. Tips for managing a business partnership [ 21:30 ]
  7. Personal development journey along the path to success [ 25:17 ]
  8. Shifting from masculine to feminine energy [ 30:3]
  9. PCOS & self-healing work [ 34:28 ]
  10. Closing message for you from Natalie [ 49:30 ]

Links & Resources:

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Connect with Natalie on Instagram here: Natalie’s Instagram

Connect with BossBabe on Instagram here: BossBabe Instagram

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