The Beauty of Burnout And Finding Joy Beyond Business -
The Beauty of Burnout And Finding Joy Beyond Business

MELYSSA GRIFFIN | Entrepreneur, Content & Course Creator

The Beauty of Burnout And Finding Joy Beyond Business

Honoring your needs as a creative leader & moving into alignment.

Episode 7: The Beauty of Burnout And Finding Joy Beyond Business

With a community of over 200,000 business owners and self-development fanatics, former school-teacher turned entrepreneur, Melyssa Griffin, is a leading voice in the online business space. Her mission lies in helping entrepreneurs create profitable, purpose-driven companies, as well as heal from the old mental programming and thought patterns that keep them stuck. Additionally, Melyssa also hosted the top-rated podcast, “Pursuit With Purpose,” which featured guests like Deepak Chopra, Marie Forleo, and Mark Manson. Giving back is also a priority for Melyssa and her company has donated over $150,000 to organizations that are dedicated to expanding educational opportunities and animal welfare. She firmly believes that life is meant to be a fun experiment, and the greatest success story you’ll ever tell isn’t the one that leads you to 7-figures. It’s the one that leads you back to yourself.

Melyssa is an absolute gem and one of my best friends! We share so many of the same interests and have walked very similar paths along our entrepreneurial journeys which have led us both to new rhythms of flow. You will learn so much from her story and I am excited for you to get a dose of her sparkle!

In this episode we go behind the curtain to explore the journey of undoing and rewiring after reaching burnout and suffering from adrenal fatigue. Melyssa shares her own path and experience with us around what it looks like to hustle toward success and be met with a pattern interrupt that forces you to rework and revise how you want to feel and how you *really* want to live out your day to day. You will be inspired to approach each decision you make with new lenses and are given tips, tools and tricks you can use to rework your own patterns and live a life that is laced with more joy and presence.

In This Episode:

  1. Today’s guest, Melyssa Griffin [ 3:00 ]
  2. Melyssa’s experience with burn out & adrenal fatigue [ 4:27 ]
  3. Releasing attachment to identity in business [ 9:30 ]
  4. Being human and finding ways to honor your needs [ 15:40 ]
  5. Having a personal pattern interrupt to lead to alignment [ 18:55 ]
  6. Making decisions that feel like relief [ 24:00 ]
  7. Letting go of judgement from others [ 28:06 ]
  8. Conscious relationship for growth & support [ 34:01]
  9. Closing message of encouragement for entrepreneurs on the journey [ 41:45 ]

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