How To Do Cabo Right + My Fav Place To Stay -
How To Do Cabo Right + My Fav Place To Stay

I never knew I was a Cabo betch until this year…

But earlier in the year I took Angela on my team on a babymoon and we booked a super chill + relaxing stay in Cabo at Viceroy Los Cabos.

It was heaven.

The best staff.

The best tan.

The best marg.

The best tacos.

We literally only left the resort twice the entire time we were there just to check out other hip nearby restaurants.

Speaking of which, you definitely need to check out Flora Farms in Cabo. It’s like a dreamy farm to table garden heaven.

We also strongly enjoyed the food + sexy vibes at Acre.

But back to Viceroy…

The staff is so friendly you feel like family.

The fresh, clean decor and architecture is perfect.

I am obsessed.

So much so that I took my husband, Scott, this summer (and he is now going to schedule another trip for the end of the year he loved it so much).

Here’s what I love about Cabo and especially Viceroy that is unlike all my other travel adventures (which are usually wild)…

It’s chill AF.

And I decided, that’s how I like to do Cabo.





It’s super nice to go on a trip and actually relax and not be tired when I get home, you know?

And also, I don’t care if it’s super basic but the pictures you can get at Viceroy are so stunning–it’s like the best photoshoot background you could ask for.

Okay, that’s all for now.

Need a little 72 hour pick me up? Now you have the plan 🙂


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