The Truth Behind Conquering Your Goals -
The Truth Behind Conquering Your Goals

LIBBY CROW | Writer, Speaker, Founder

The Truth Behind Conquering Your Goals

BTS on comparison, balance, and the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship.

Episode 6: The Truth Behind Conquering Your Goals

You’re gonna want to push play on this one! On this episode I’m in the hot seat getting interviewed by my amazing, beautiful, loving, & talented Business Operations Manager, Angela Howard! A little spark notes on me: I’m a global mentor for entrepreneurs– founder of LC International, a marketing strategy company for digital consultants, and Co-Founder of The Daily Shift, a personal development company for aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs alike. I love helping entrepreneurs see their business journeys as a bridge to raising the vibration of the planet and then later as a portal for giving back philanthropically.

In this episode we go behind the curtain and behind the dream to share with you more of the inside scoop on Libby Crow. She shares openly about the sides of herself that she is excited to share more inside of her business through a deeper expression of who she is apart from just the business side that most see and recognize her for professionally. Libby chats on the ascension of her father, the healing relationship & journey taken with her mother and the harmonized loveship that she has created with her husband Scott. If you’re seeking some real talk and some serious motivation, Libby goes IN during this episode with a pep talk that will help get you moving toward your next level. 

In This Episode:

Meet our guest, Libby Crow [ 1:49 ]

Following alignment & deciding to pivot [ 7:14 ]

What’s up next for Libby and exciting her most [ 13:35 ]

Finding harmony in your romantic relationship [ 20:00 ]

Working through comparing herself to her husband Scott [ 26:30 ]

Mother-daughter relationship & healing [ 32:04 ]

Assumptions & truths about Libby [40:05 ]

Final thoughts, advice and a major motivational bomb dropped [ 42:40 ]

Links & Resources: 

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Libby’s Entrepreneur article here: From Suicide To Millionaire

Go follow Libby’s Facebook Fan Page here: Libby’s Facebook

Connect with Libby on Instagram here: Libby’s Instagram

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