How To Be A Boss Betch Without Burning Out -
How To Be A Boss Betch Without Burning Out
Newsflash…everyone looks super sexy in their posts but on the inside they are stressed and anxious AF.
Not calling anyone out here just being honest in case you were wondering if you’re alone.
Truth is, women are RISING fast which is obviously awesome and at the same time there’s an issue.
The energy they are putting out (the DOing energy) is not equalizing with the energy they are putting in (the BEing energy).
This ends up turning into physical complications such as chronic anxiety, stress, adrenal + hormone issues, burnout, brain fog, fatigue, and the list goes on and on.

Pushing, launching, events on events…
The slay is real and hey, I’m a fan of slay but only if there’s harmony within it which is where self-care comes in hot.

But what the fuck is self-care really? 
Instagram self-care is telling you to take a bath to solve your problems but fresh outta the bubbles and they are still there…
Self-care is layered. It’s learning to tend to your four energy bodies.
Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
There’s lots of emphasis in the world today on the physical–massages, eating organic, etc.
All that is amazing, and, there’s more…
The way I teach self-care inside my Vitamin You Course For Entrepreneurs is unique because us humans are not as simple as “take a nap and our problems dissolve”…
See, self-care isn’t an indulgence–it’s an essential for living your best life.
It’s more of a way of being with yourself than things we do.
It’s seeing that softness with ourselves can heal faster than harshness.
It’s practicing boundary setting and seeing it’s not just a loving act for you but for others too.
It’s learning how to deconstruct comparison and trust your own path.
It’s creating goals and intentions that push you to go after what you say you want.
It’s learning how to saying YES to you even if that means saying NO to someone else.
It’s slowing down enough to truly know your needs then tending to them.
It’s knowing when it’s time to be by yourself or when to have friends over.
It’s intuitively honoring your own rhythm on when to unplug and when to keep going.
It’s courageous vulnerability to ask for support.Without self-care, you’ll burn out, you’ll limit happiness, you’ll get out of alignment–it’s really a shit show when you’re not prioritizing yourself.

You might get away with getting less than 8 hours of sleep, being an event junkie and scheduling things into your calendar all the time, or even living off of caffeine for a time period–but it will end.
The body and the four energies are wise–they will also POP you with some truth sooner or later to help you remember to flow down and tend to your daily needs.
And when it comes to boss betches–this can be challenging because sometimes it feels “smarter” to invest in a marketing strategy program than to invest in yourself.But, the best investment you can ever make is in YOURSELF bc it will always lead to the highest ROI.

Sure, stock, real estate, etc are great to invest in but the best investment is ALWAYS you…
The highest return hands down is when you put your resources (time, energy, money) into yourself.

The wise thing to do? 
Become obsessed with learning about your needs + your desires then becoming a BOSS at tending to them.
Sometimes you just need a little sparkle in your step to remember the benefits of doing this…
I created a *free* 7-day self-care challenge for entrepreneurs just for this reason.
The experience is like your bridge to get back to being the Queen of your life and put business in its place.
It’s 7 days to revamp, re-evaluate, and re-align with your needs so you can show up from overflow in everything you do in your professional and personal life.
You can join for free right here: The Vitamin You 7-Day Challenge For Entrepreneurs 
I’m deeply passionate about this because I myself didn’t practice impeccable and super self-loving care for myself through the last 7 years of entrepreneurship–in fact I did burnout in 2018 which led me to realize (hello harsh messenger) how important this is for me to embody.
Learning how to take my daily “self-vitamin” has changed my life and my business.
And don’t worry, you’re not less successful when you practice self-care, in fact, I feel more successful than when I was pushing hard in order to scale my company to 7-figures. 
I get to receive more. I give from a full cup. I know myself better so I can tend to myself better.
Like I said, self-care is layered and it deserves your attention.
You are worthy. You are deserving. Of it all.

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