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So I’ll assume that by now you know that most of the beauty products you use (not just makeup but your lotion, body wash, shampoo, nail polish, etc) have tons of chemicals in them…AKA they are toxic AF.

I’m also going to assume you’re not starting your day by sniffing glue, eating hot tar, and topping it all off by drinking 8 oz of gasoline…so let’s not have you put chemical laden makeup into your body through your skin every day, right?

Joking aside, this is not really a joke. 

I thought about listing all the scary ass chemicals found in most makeup that cause cancer, poison your body, and disrupt your hormones but you can just Google it if you want to get really freaked out (but like you’re not living under a rock, I know you already know).

You have to have your own back here–

The folks regulating the beauty industry don’t give a shit about you or your life–so YOU have to.

Instead of walking into Sephora or Ulta then grabbing whatever someone recommends or what some beauty blogger told you to use–do your research to honor yourself and your health.

It’s kinda like you gotta do an STD test on your makeup before you just put it all over yourself.

I’ll admit, now and again I use a product that I know isn’t 100% clean or organic (75% there) but thank goodness more and more brands are popping up that have solid formulas that work AND come clean.

My absolute fav? Lawless Beauty.

The formulas work really well (no sacrifice for the makeup being clean) and Annie Lawless, the founder, is a boss who really cares about keeping makeup safe so you’re not disrupting your entire body to adorn yourself. She is disrupting the beauty industry for GOOD.

Here are my LIBBY LOVES for Lawless Beauty:

Seal The Deal Setting Powder

I love setting my foundation by drenching my beauty blender in Seal The Deal (get the light peachy pink one) then dapping my forehead creases, smile lines, and right under my eye corners (especially great for my melting makeup in the California heat).

Lucid Skin Highlighter

Who doesn’t love a highlight? I use mine on the tops of my cheeks, corner of my eyes after eyeshadow, right below my brow bones, right on top of my brow bones, the top middle of my lips, and a little on the tip of my nose. This highlighter is super buildable so you can go light or go bold with it.

The One Eyeshadow Palette

Any eyeshadow color I’ve ever wanted is inside this pot of gold. I use the colors “casual” every single day and my favorite for a night out is “obsessed”. This is one of the best makeup purchases I’ve ever made–get on it.

Alright, that’s it for now. Go get your Lawless Beauty clean staples and stop putting toxic crap all over your face.

Love a clean beauty line that I need to know about? DM me on Instagram so I can check it out and feature it in the blog.

Love you,


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