Inside Influence: Social Media, Growing In Public & Online Bullies -
Inside Influence: Social Media, Growing In Public & Online Bullies

AMANDA BUCCI | Business Mentor & Content Creator

Social Media, Growing In Public, & Online Bullies

Making an impact online as a coach while building a brand & audience on social media.

Episode 5: Social Media, Growing In Public, & Online Bullies

Today’s guest is Amanda Bucci. Amanda specializes in building an organic online presence that will drive your business for the long term. Amanda’s superpower is IMPACT – and can make anyone feel 100% empowered to take action, be seen, and show up for themselves. Amanda has grown massive social media followings across multiple platforms [Instagram, YouTube, Podcast, Facebook, Email list] and specializes in teaching organic online growth and how to convert those followers to clients. Amanda is like your business big sister. She gets you, loves you so fiercely and will give you the tough love you need to break past what’s holding you back.

Amanda is an inspiration to people all over the world across all social media platforms and is known for her expertise in fitness and in mentoring online fitness coaches to grow their businesses and create expansive impact in their respective niche. Not only is she mega inspiring she is also one of the warmest souls that I know and I am grateful to have her in my sister circle and to introduce her to you in this way.

In this episode we go behind the curtain and behind the dream to uncover the reality of being an influencer and growing a business in the spotlight. Amanda shares with us what it is like to deal with the pressure caused by online trolling and bullying and how to find healing in the truth behind their projections onto you. We also talk about the power of personal development that is found within romantic relationship and how to be aligned online by sharing your message with integrity and embodiment. You’ll want to grab a note pad or a journal for this one fam!

In This Episode:

  1. Today’s guest, Amanda Bucci [ 2:48 ]
  2. Amanda’s start on social media [ 3:58 ]
  3. Moving to Venice, CA and beginning her entrepreneurial journey [ 5:56 ]
  4. Transitioning out of fitness [ 8:42 ]
  5. Dealing with internet trolls and online bullies [ 11:11 ]
  6. The psychology behind the trolling [ 19:45 ]
  7. Personal development through romantic relationship [ 30:15 ]
  8. Sharing with authenticity and embodiment of your message [ 37:40 ]
  9. Lessons learned from being a dog mom [ 45:39 ]
  10. Closing message and affirmation for you from Amanda [ 52:15 ]

Links & Resources:

Learn more about Amanda & her programs here: Amanda’s Website

Connect with Amanda on Instagram here: Amanda’s Instagram

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