4 Unique Ways To Grow Your Brand [Hint: This Is Not A Funnel Hack] -
4 Unique Ways To Grow Your Brand [Hint: This Is Not A Funnel Hack]

If you’re growing your brand you know that is takes a lot of strategy, action, and soul.

⁣⁣⁣Your website is poppin’, your Insta feed is dope, your copy is magnetizing AF, and your product is helping people (or at least you know it’s *going* to)…

But…that’s not exactly how I’m going to recommend growing your brand today and here’s why:

Your business is like a human.

And, you ever meet a human that sparkles on the outside & is an ass hole on the inside?

That’s misalignment. That’s gnarly. That sucks for everyone.

Well, you could have a sparkly brand and clients could have an awful time working with you (if you have a service business).

Or if you have a product, your design and esthetic could be stunning but if your customers would never buy it again or recommend it…something’s wrong with the insides.

Check out these brand growth tips that will help you with the “insides” of your business:


Focus on getting your clients the best results possible–this is what it’s about anyway, right? Impact matters and your reputation will carry you far when people rave about how much you care.


Don’t get lost in the crowd, keep sharing your thoughts and message in your unique way. There’s not one way to do business and there’s for sure no one way to be a human. Fly your freak flag, they will come.


Model integrity through practicing what it is you’re helping others with–it’s crucial. Ever met someone in person who isn’t like they are online? So gnarly. Drink your own sugar-free Kool-aid. 


People are watching–show up over and over again so they trust you’re not a flaky pickle. Your audience needs to really know you mean what you say and you say what you meant. The magic is in the daily micro-actions.

These may seem simple but dig deep and see if there are some holes in your flow…

When you live in the times of filters and facades, the real deals will prevail. 

And, it will be because they nail these above.

Oh, and be a good person–that helps in business, too. #notjoking 😉

Love you,


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