How To Make Real Friends IRL Without Being Awkward -
How To Make Real Friends IRL Without Being Awkward

Whether you own an online business or not–living in a digital world means less in person or IRL [in real life] connection.

Basically, everybody is lonely af and so connected at the same time.

But it doesn’t have to be like that…

I’ve moved to new places where I didn’t know anybody several times in my life and within months had a community of epic friends no matter where I lived.

And, I’ve also been through seasons in my life where I isolated myself and it led to depression.

Building a community, sisterhood, circle of friends (whatever you want to call it) is mega important for your well-being (yes, even for you strong independent bad bitches).

So, maybe you’re shifting into a new circle of friends, maybe you just moved, or maybe you realize that time behind the screen can’t replace a real hug and you’re ready to put yourself out there…

Here are ideas to starting to build your own community and spark some friendship IRL: 


I know it might seem weird but shoot over a DM and literally ask someone to hang out. It makes it less awkward if you invite them to an event. Something like this could work: “Hey <insert name>, there’s a new moon circle on the west side of town this weekend. Any interest in going? Xo <your name>” You also need to make sure to respect people’s time. If someone is mega busy and you’re asking them to coffee you have to realize that their top priority might not be meeting strangers and doing some small talk–so tap into your social intelligence and if it doesn’t flow, let it go for now. Trust that the right people will spiral back around if it’s meant to be.


Not everyone lives in a major city, I get it. Here in Venice Beach/Los Angeles Area there are tons of events every single day of the week to meet new people. It’s choose your own adventure land for sure. If you’re in a smaller community or town and there seems to be a lack of activities to connect, start your own! Ideas: Every other week host a “Coffee + Community hangout at a local coffee shop where people come together and simply connect! Get a group of people together for a hike. Get creative–people really just want presence with each other, doesn’t have to be fancy to be meaningful.


Not into big crowds? I love bringing people together over a shared meal. You could host a small 3-4 person dinner at your home every month. On a budget? Make it a themed potluck. One fun thing you can add to this meal is a question that everyone answers such as “What could you use support on right now?” and have someone who is comfortable with vulnerability in the group go first to set the tone that it’s safe to be honest. Watch the depth unfold…

Point is, you gotta make some effort here and it will pay off.

I know it can be scary bc #rejection and stuff, but hey, if someone isn’t for you–it’s all good. Every human isn’t going to be your soulmate friend and that’s a good thing. I’m big on quality vs. quantity and when it comes to the people you surround yourself with, you gotta make sure it vibes.

Alright now go connect with a real human in real life today– 😉



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