Hi, I’m Libby! An entrepreneur (and human sparkler) living life around the globe helping hustlers build empires from my computer.


Because you’re here it means you’re a part of the crew that puts a red X on living inside the box and a big green check mark on staying curious, evolving, and doing what others won’t because you know it’s worth it.

Choosing this life means you’re at least a little wild. Starting a business is like saying YES to the most intense ride at the amusement park. Lots of turns, twists, intensity, and feelings of bliss.

The results of choosing this path aren’t always as epic as most business owners think because they stay in hustle mode.

Hustle mode = instability, no long term plan, and revenue limits.

It’s like one moment you’re feeling on fire while co-working at a hip coffee shop crafting up your next launch and the next you’re laying in bed contemplating why you chose this path because it’s so freaking exhausting it feels like you actually just have a job again.

The thing is–struggle and hustle only show up if there’s no structure in your business.

That’s where I come in.

After mentoring thousands of people 1:1, launching online courses and group programs, hosting LIVE retreats and workshops around the country I’ve found structure to be the two missing links for entrepreneurs to get out of hustle mode and finally treat their business like a business: Strategy + Structure.
It took me time to understand how important these were myself–I get it. My first dose of entrepreneurship went down when I was still an elementary teacher and started a business on the side.
A few months in and I was matching my monthly teaching income. I invested in learning about business and marketing with every penny (literally) I could–putting all the puzzle pieces together.
It worked because I did–I was willing to put in the energy to make it work. But it wasn’t cute. It wasn’t laced with strategy and structure at first–it was messy.
I had no plan, I didn’t really know what I should be doing every day. I practiced a lot of what I learned from all the courses, seminars, and mentors I invested in. I was driven and persistent–and I was not going to fail.

Every dollar I made I invested back into my personal development, business coaches and programs, and paying off my student loans from college.
I was serious about what was going down on my vision board and dedicated to making this new life I envisioned actually happen.
Later that year I rolled outta the classroom and into full time entrepreneur mode.
During the transition people in my life would say things like, “What about health insurance?” and “You’re so brave!”.
I brushed their dirty fears off my shoulders because to me it didn’t feel unstable, extreme, or brave–it felt right.

I remember the first time I had a $10k week and about lost my cookies!

Seeing 5 months of elementary teaching salary come into my bank account in 7 days was slightly mind blowing.

Then the first time I had my first $40k week was even more exciting–making in one week what took me over a year to make teaching.

Getting to where I am took a growth mindset, radical belief in myself, and heaps of support.

I couldn’t have filled a retreat while traveling in Indonesia and India without strategy.
I couldn’t have served my 1:1 clients while in playing in Hawaii without systems.
I couldn’t have the groovy life I have living around the world without high performance rituals in my day.

The work I do with entrepreneurs is special because I bring a harmony of both soul and swagger.

The soul in your business is the heart, the vision, the deep meaning. The swagger is the heartbeat, the practical, the map.

You need both.

My clients are those who have a business, but it’s a hustle–not yet an empire.

We change that so they can breathe more and enjoy what they’ve created.

And, so they can make a lot more money because money is freedom and that’s really what you want to be able to achieve your big vision.

I’m excited to help you do this–I’m in your corner.


You don't need another course or webinar that makes a permanent home in your inbox--you need a clear plan and process for how you're going to make your vision come to life. Let's get you set up.